Dongbinggo Patbingsu

The Seoul bingsu tour has officially started! I can’t believe I’ve been wasting all of this time not eating bingsu. To remedy that, I’m trying a whole bunch of bingsu places to figure out which one I like the best and to hopefully get my fix before leaving Seoul for good. First up on my list was the most famous bingsu in Seoul, Dongbinggo. Dongbinggo is located in Ichon-dong and is constantly on the best bingsus in Seoul lists.

Dongbinggo Storefront in Ichon

Dongbinggo Royal Milk Tea Bingsus

I decided to start with this one because of it’s reputation. I probably should have just tried their original, but when I saw that they had a royal milk tea bingsu I couldn’t resist. Their royal milk tea bingsu comes with bananas, chocolate sauce, raw walnuts, vanilla ice cream and the best part of all… roasted coconut! The milk tea is hidden on the bottom.

When I first tried it I was immediately disappointed. After I mixed the milk tea with the shaved ice it was 100x better. The nuts and roasted coconut gave it a nice texture and at the end, I did end up liking it.

Dongbinggo Royal Milk Tea Bingsu Deliciousness

Dongbinggo Royal Milk Tea Bingsu CLose Up

It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting considering the reputation of Dongbinggo. Maybe I hyped it up too much.

Also, the workers were incredibly rude when we came. We weren’t sure about the system of the place because it seemed like people were waiting outside to be called but the main girl working there kept making eye contact with us and ignoring us. We were pretty angry. We thought they might be shy to help us because they don’t speak English but after we sat down and called out our order the woman told us in perfect English that we had to pay first! What is up with that?

Dongbinggo Seoul Bridge Traffic

Dongbinggo Night Walking on the Han

We came at the right time because shortly after we sat down there was a huge line outside waiting to eat inside. The shop is really tiny and can only seat about seven groups of people inside. The prices range from 6,500₩ to 7,000₩ and you can choose from original, original with grain powder, green tea, royal milk tea and coffee. When I was there they also were featuring a strawberry bingsu. Their shop is really close to the Han River so you can take a quick walk over and get some exercise after you’ve finished.

To be honest, I really like for the milk/tea to be mixed with the ice so I wasn’t a huge fan of Dongbinggo.

Q: Have you ever tried patbingsu?

To get to Dongbinggo, take the subway to Ichon Station and walk straight out of exit 4. Cross the street and grab the 3012, 100, 2016, or 6211 bus to KeumKang Hospital. It will take about six minutes. Dongbinggo is right across from the hospital.

Platoon Seoul Flea Market

I love a good bargain. I’m always browsing the sale racks and my love for TJ Maxx’s clearance aisle knows no bounds. When I came here to Korea I had my bargain dream skilled slowly as I realized that the ‘sales’ here were not really sales but normal price back home! Eventually I had to just resign myself to buying them. I’m not talking about the cheap crappy materials that you can get on the street. I love to get a bargain on brand name, high quality clothing! You can imagine my excitement when I heard that Platoon Seoul had a night flea market once a month.

Platoon Seoul Night Market Building

Platoon Seoul Night Market First Floor

Platoon Seoul is a really cool creative space in Cheongdam that is a mix of different creatives. It doesn’t really have a certain purpose, rather it’s used for all kinds of creative outlets. There are many things happening at Platoon Seoul and it’s always changing. I was amazed that the space was co-owned and operated for any creative platform to use. Take it from their website:

The program will provide a communication platform for anybody interested in sub-cultural creative fields like street art, graphic design, fashion, video art, programming, music, club culture, and political activism.

Platoon Seoul Night Market Bar and Drinks

Platoon Seoul Night Market Shopping

There are a ton of activities at this place, and it’s really best to follow their facebook to stay up to date. Recently they held a records market and were even having BBQ while watching the world cup games. The Platoon Seoul night flea market only happens the first Saturday of the month so if you miss it you’ll have to wait for the next one to roll around. Admission is free and you can sign up for a booth for free as well. If shopping isn’t your thing, they keep a DJ spinning and they have an open bar with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Platoon Seoul Night Market Vendors

Platoon Seoul Night Market Crowd

Although it’s in a very expensive area there were plenty of deals to be found. As usual, most of the clothes are XS-M and 6-7 are typical shoe sizes. There was a good mix of women’s and men’s items but women definitely had the advantage. A lot of the clothes still had tags on them. One booth was selling a lot of cute dresses for 10,000 but the tags priced them at almost 100,000! Definitely a bargain if you can find your size.

There are a lot of unique pieces as well as handmade items. If you like something, I would pick it up right away because the booths change every month and one person might never be back.

Q: Do you like to go to flea markets?

Getting to Platoon Seoul is a little difficult because it’s not super near a train station. To get there, take the subway to Hakdong Station and walk straight out of exit 10 until you reach a four way intersection with a large KB bank building on the corner. Turn left and stay on the side of the street with the KB bank. Walk down this street until you reach Hana Bank, turn right down this side street and you should see it. It will be loud and crowded so you can’t miss it!

Sunrich Cheese Cafe

Cheese is my friend. I love it! When I saw that there was something called a cheese cafe in Hannam-dong, I couldn’t believe it. What does that even mean? Cheese and coffee don’t really go together. Sunrich Cheese Cafe was there anyways, looking at me every time I went home from work. It’s just my luck that when I decided to go it closed down and moved it’s shop to Apgujeong!

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Storefront

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Inside of the Store

I went home defeated that day but I wasn’t going to be defeated. The curiosity was too strong. I googled around and used Naver maps to tell me how to get to the new location and off I went.

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Fresh Bread

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Store Decorations

I really loved the look of the place itself. It had these beautiful balls of light on the ceiling and there were huge comfortable chairs to sit on. The staff was really nice to me even though I took forever looking at the menu. I wanted to split everything with my husband so we could get a little of everything. They were advertising their cheese fondue which looked amazing, but it was really small for the price so we passed on getting that.

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Different Cream Cheeses

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Cheesecakes

That didn’t really matter though because there are a lot of choices here! There is a large table with different breads and a whole display case full of different flavored cream cheeses. There were also quite a few cheesecakes (real cheesecakes!) to choose from. There aren’t a lot of savory options. We settled for a bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese, a mango cheesecake, bleu cheese pizza and a cream cheese latte.

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Cream Cheese Latte

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Bleu Cheese Pizza

The cream cheese latte is so hard to explain but what I can say is it’s delicious! It’s not coffee, rather a sweetened cream cheese and milk mixture. The every seed bagel was so delicious… it reminded me of back home. The cream cheese was a pleasant surprise because the smoked salmon worked really well. Even though we got the bleu cheese pizza as our savory option it was still sweet. I think it had honey drizzled on it which was amazing, but we were in a little bit of a sugar rush afterwards.

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Bagel Cream Cheese and Cheesecake

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese

I think the biggest disappointment if you could even call it that was the mango cheesecake. It was good, but not quite as thick and creamy as back home. The taste was still OK for what is was. For spending around $30 for everything, it wasn’t that bad at all! The cream cheese latte was the home run for me, it was amazing!

Q: Would you drink a cream cheese latte?

To get to Sunrich Cheese Cafe:

  • Take the subway to Apgujeong Rodeo Station 압구정역 (Bundang Line), Exit 5. Walk down to Hakdong Intersection and take a right. You’ll see it on your left.
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