Vatos Urban Tacos in Itaewon

The cuisine that I miss the most here in Korea is definitely Mexican food! There are so many cheap and delicious places to grab some food back in my hometown and the lack of choice here in Seoul was sad. A lot of my friends told me that finding good Mexican food here was very hard as the fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine resulted in some weird combos that just didn’t work. Although I was hesitant, I had to check out Vatos Urban Tacos in Itaewon because they always seemed to be poppin’!

Vatos Urban Tacos Sign

Vatos Urban Tacos Nachos and Cheese

I went on a sunny weekend and the place was packed as usual. They take reservations, so I would recommend making one instead of stopping in if you plan on going during the weekend. We had to wait about twenty minutes and it seemed like there was always a huge group outside waiting. The hostess was really friendly though, and everyone seemed to speak English. Since Vato’s Urban Tacos was founded by three Korean Americans I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. :)

Vatos Urban Tacos Light Fixtures

Vatos Urban Tacos Interior

Their interior is unique; it kind of feels like a cool warehouse. I really liked the light fixtures with the light bulbs coming out from different angles. The lighting is low so you can feel like you are having an intimate meal. There are little hooks on the side of the table with a bag to put your stuff in. It’s all very awesome looking.

Vatos Urban Tacos Chips and Salsa

Vatos Urban Tacos Chicken Fajita

There are a lot of options on the menu. You can find your usual burritos, tacos, quesadillas and nachos. If you are feeling adventurous you can try some of their fusion foods like the kimchi nachos or galbi short rib tacos. My friends and I didn’t have a stomach big enough to eat all the things we wanted to so we settled on the cowboy queso, spicy chicken burrito, galbi short rib tacos and the carne asada burrito.

Vatos Urban Tacos Galbi Tacos

Vatos Urban Tacos Carne Asada Burrito

We definitely weren’t disappointed. The galbi short rib was a little sweet but a good take on Korean-Mexican fusion food. Carne Asada was absolutely delicious; my friend didn’t want it to end! I don’t think melted cheese can ever go wrong so the cowboy queso was a huge hit with everyone. I still miss the white queso that I get at home but this was a good substitute.

We were so full by the end of our meal that we couldn’t try the nutella nachos. I’m on board with anything that involves nutella! I also heard their fish tacos were great so maybe I’ll head back for a fish taco/nutella combo next time. ;)

Q: What is your favorite Mexican food?

How to get to Vato’s Urban Tacos:

Take the subway to Itaewon Station and go out of exit 1. Walk about five minutes down the road and you will find the restaurant on your right next to Ediya Coffee. You can also take bus 110A, 110B, 421 or 3 to the Yongsan Gucheong/Itaewon Market stop. You are basically right in front Vatos.

Ice Museum in Hongdae

The Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae is always crowded with tourists with it’s interesting exhibits that trick you. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a gazillion pictures of yourself acting like a fool. This year, the trick eye museum extended it’s services and added an Ice Museum.

Ice Museum Hongdae Sign

Ice Museum Hongdae Ice Tree

The ice museum doesn’t really have anything to do with the Trick Eye Museum, but if you go there you can get free admission with your ticket to the normal museum. You definitely have to bundle up because it really is cold in there! I actually put my coat in a locker because I went through the Trick Eye Museum first so I went in without it so I wouldn’t have to carry all of my stuff with me again.

Ice Museum Hongdae Ice Angel Wings

Ice Museum Hongdae Poo in Ice Toilet

The ice museum is pretty small and you can finish it within fifteen minutes. It’s mostly a lot of sculptures you can look at but there are a few that you can get into like the ice car and ice sleigh. It’s not really picture friendly because the lighting is very low! There was an ice house where you could sit on a couch made of ice and there was even some fake poop in an ice toilet. Totally Korean style, haha.

Ice Museum Hongdae Ice Slide

The best part was going down the ice slide. They give you a little seat to slide on. I don’t care if everyone was judging me, I went down the slide like twenty times. It was so fun! It wasn’t that crowded when I went there, but my friend went another day and she said she could barely move through because it was so crowded! The good thing is that no one can stay there very long because it’s cold. :)

Q: Would you visit an ice museum?

A Sweet Place Patbingsu

The Seoul bingsu tour continues! I have two months and counting until going home and I haven’t let up on eating bingsu whenever I can. I think I will probably be still posting about the different bingsus that I’ve tried after leaving. The next bingsu place I decided to try was A Sweet Place (Danpatjib) in Gyeongridan.

A Sweet Place Danpatjib Storefront

A Sweet Place Danpatjib Customers

A Sweet Place Danpatjib Menu

A Sweet Place is right in my neighborhood. It doesn’t look like much, so I never stopped in. It’s right across from the super popular Street Churros so that may be why I never noticed it much. It was always crowded though, so one day I gave it a try with my friend!

A Sweet Place Danpatjib Counter

A Sweet Place Danpatjib Original

A Sweet Place Danpatjib Close up of Red Beans and Rice Cakes

I’m so glad I did. I’m still trying a lot of different bingsus in Seoul but each time the patbingsu from A Sweet Place comes out on top. Everything about their original bingsu is on point from the red bean paste to the ice flakes. If you are a fan of milk flavor, I guarantee you will love this place. Their ice flakes are actually sweetened milk flakes and oh my gosh… delicious. :)

A Sweet Place Danpatjib Half Eaten Bingsu

A Sweet Place Danpatjib Middle of Patbingsu

I don’t like rice cakes in general so I didn’t like the rice cakes here, either. Their red bean paste was the best I’ve ever had! It tasted really fresh and had the perfect amount of sweetness. There is also a hidden layer of red bean paste in the middle so you never really run out. The milk ice flakes are something else; you have to try it to understand but it’s amazing. They also have green tea, black sesame, and sweet potato flavors. I had the black sesame but didn’t really enjoy it. Stick with the original!

Long story short? Go to A Sweet Place and get their original bingsu. It’s the best!

Will it stay the king of bingsus? Until next time my friends. :)

Q: Have you ever tried bingsu?

To get to A Sweet Place, take the subway to Noksapyeong Station and go out of exit 2. Walk straight until you reach the underpass; cross to the other side and go back up the street for a few minutes. You will see Street Churros and it will be across from that. Regular bingsu costs about 7,000.

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