Laser Hair Removal in Shincheon

One of the best things hands down that I did in Korea was get laser hair removal. Medical tourism in Korea is serious business and I can see why! Things are much cheaper here than back home and it always seems wrong not to take advantage of such steep cuts in healthcare costs.

For example, last year I felt a small bump on the back of my neck. I was worried that something might be wrong. If I was in the US, having surgery to remove the mass and have it sent to the lab would have costs me thousands of dollars. In Korea? All of $75. INSANE. Don’t worry, everything was fine with that surgery. ;)

Suncheon Laser Hair Removal Entrance Sign

Laser hair removal is something I have been thinking about for awhile. When I got a quote at home the prices were outrageous. My coteacher knew a good clinic near Shincheon station and referred me there. It’s just a few minutes walk from the subway so it is really easy to find. If you go out of exit 5 and walk straight, you will find it on your left right next to Outback Steakhouse. It is on the 10th floor of Hyosung building.

Suncheon Laser Hair Removal Vanity

The staff here do not speak English, so it would be best to get a Korean friend to set up the appointment for you. The main doctor there does speak English, although limited. It wasn’t too hard to navigate because you only really need to understand the price, which body parts and when to come.

I went in for a consultation with the doctor and it was really easy! I told him the parts that I wanted done, and he told me that I would get five sessions for a certain price. He gave me a discount on that price, and lowered it even further when I asked. Definitely bargain if you want to get an even better deal! Since it is quite a bit of money, he let me pay in five installments at each appointment.

The absolute best part of it all is that after your first five appointments, the rest are free! So if you finish those five and still have hair growth you can continue to book your appointments without paying a penny.

Suncheon Laser Hair Removal Room

It was a little awkward because the technicians don’t ever talk to you. I got such a deal on my package that I can’t really complain about the lack of English. The first two sessions are every four weeks, and the last three are every six weeks. If you pay with cash, you can bypass the VAT and save even more money.

The process is pretty simple and if you are a foreigner they will most likely know right away who you are without talking much because they never see foreigners in this clinic. I was the first one, and even the doctor was surprised that I had found them!

I did seven sessions total for my arms, full legs, armpits, and chin. It was pretty successful. All of the hair definitely lightened and thinned. My percentage of hair lost varied.

Lower leg: 95%
Thighs: 75%
Chin: 50%, but very fine and light hair now for what is left.
Arms: 75%
Armpits: 40%, but very fine and light hair now for what is left.

Overall, I paid about $1200 for everything. Because I did so many areas, they threw in some others as service. I couldn’t be happier!

To get to Shincheon Laser Hair Removal:
Take the subway to Shincheon Station. Go out of exit 5. Walk straight for a few minutes. You will past many cosmetic stores, a McDonalds and KB bank. Once you see Outback Steakhouse, you will see the Hyosung building doors next to it. Shincheon Laser Hair Removal is on the 10th floor.

Poop Cafe Insadong

Poop. Not something you would normally think of as cute. Definitely not something you would expect to see as a theme for a cafe, either. I’m pretty sure if I asked my American friends if they would like some poop bread they would think I’d lost my mind!

Poop Cafe Insadong Cafe Entrance

Poop Cafe Insadong Poop Cards on a Tree

Well, Korea did it. They made a cafe entirely based on poop. Except the poop is cute! I’m starting to think that Asia can make anything cute. It seems like even the most normal things are turned into a cute character here. I love cutesy stuff so I knew I had to go check out the poop cafe for myself.

Poop Cafe Insadong Poop Bread

Poop Cafe Insadong Inside Seating

The poop cafe doesn’t actually sell the poop bread. There is a little stand conveniently located outside of the cafe where you can buy it. I’ve seen it in Myeongdong as well. He was only selling red bean poop bread, but Myeongdong had way more options. There was even a custard corn filling which I thought was a little too realistic in some ways, haha! :D

Poop Cafe Insadong Toilet Latte

Poop Cafe Insadong Poop Notes on the Window

The main thing in the cafe is that you can order your latte in a toilet cup. I thought they automatically came in the toilet cup because of the cafe theme, but you actually have to tell the cashier that you want it in the cup or else it will come in a regular cup. You can get that at any coffee shop.

I ordered my usual caramel latte and saw the tiny sign just in time to tell her I wanted it in the cup. That would have been really disappointing if they didn’t serve it in the toilet! When the toilet latte did come, it was chipped. A little underwhelming, but I still enjoyed the uniqueness of it all. :D

Poop Cafe Insadong Poop Hat Prop

Poop Cafe Insadong Toilet Plant

The cafe is decked out in poop and toilet memorabilia. They made use of old toilets and recycled them into miniature gardens which was pretty cool! Who would have thought a squat toilet could be transformed into a beautiful garden. ;)

If you need some poop props for the photos you will definitely be taking here, they have you covered. There are poop hats and little poop plushies all over the cafe that you can take and use whenever you want! There were also tons of little poop cards stuck all over the cafe. You can ask for one and leave your mark.

These are exactly the kinds of places that make me love Seoul so much.

How to Get There
Anguk station exit 6. Walk through Insadong street and enter the Samziegil outdoor shopping mall.  The cafe is on the top floor. The poo bread stand is right next to the entrance, you can’t miss it!

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