Lilikoi Patisserie Seoul

Today I’m super excited to blog about one of my favorite bakeries in Seoul: Lilikoi! I knew I had to go into Lilikoi when I first saw it and I’m so glad I did! They serve wonderful pastries, desserts and drinks that definitely pay off in the flavor department.

Lilikoi Seoul Storefront

Lilikoi is fairly new, adding to the ever expanding Noksapyeong area. It seems like businesses are popping up every week here! Their storefront is very inviting and caught my eye immediately. They have a welcoming atmosphere with bright lights and mostly white decor. It was kind of like a beacon of light on the street, it catches your eye in the middle of all the gray buildings with it’s huge windows filled with light.

It’s very easy on the eyes and looks like an upbeat place to be inside. I can’t help but be drawn to bright spaces with little splashes of color! It is very minimalistic, which I love. The decorations that they do have really pop.

Lilikoi Seoul Tea Selection

The shop is very minimally decorated, and it creates a very laid back vibe. Everything is neat and tidy, with small French inspired pieces on a few of the walls. Their tea collection is beautifully displayed in gorgeous yellow tins. That color against the white wall really catches your eye and makes you want some!

Lilikoi Seoul Seating

The seating is pretty intimate since there aren’t that many spots for people to sit. Inside, there are three table settings so there are never too many people crowding inside. I prefer it this way personally, I hate having someone in my space when I’m trying to relax and enjoy my coffee!

In warmer weather, there are a few outdoor seating tables too. I wouldn’t recommend the outdoor seating though, because it’s right on a main busy road that is congested with people and cars almost constantly. You’ll definitely have a better experience sitting inside.

Lilikoi Seoul Drinks and Pastries

Price-wise, you will definitely be paying a pretty penny to get your sugar fix here. When I first came in to check it out I was a little taken aback by the prices but I had to try them. It’s really hard to get a truly delicious pastry in Seoul. I have to try as many as I can to pinpoint the truly good ones! Although the price is steep (around 3-4 dollars per piece), I can assure you that you will get your money’s worth. These pastries and tarts taste AMAZING. Plus, you can force yourself to portion control because if you are like me, you could and would stuff about twenty of these into your mouth without a second thought.

Coffee is pretty steep in price too, but that is to be expected from a higher end cafe. What truly shines here are the pastries and not the coffee though. The coffee is good, but not something you couldn’t get elsewhere easily.

Lilikoi Seoul Cute Decorative Forks

My favorite surprise was the super cute decorative forks that come with the pastries! They were so tiny and adorable! It’s always the little touches that get me. I also really liked that their drinks came with metal straws, so it is eco-friendly!

Lilikoi Seoul Pastries on a Plate

The owner is very nice and speaks English very well since she went to school in New York. She told me that Lilikoi is a type of passionfruit, which you can see highlighted in her passion fruit choux. Real choux filled with a passion fruit filling that is sweet and slightly tart at the same time. I haven’t had many passion fruit desserts but now I’m a believer! The lilikoi choux is a must try followed by their chocolate tart. It’s really rich and satisfying!

They also have a variety of cookies, puddings, frozen desserts and sorbet for you to choose from if you aren’t feeling the pastries. They have a grapefruit sorbet that looks amazing but at $15 might have you second guessing that choice. Maybe next time!

Directions to Lilikoi
From Noksapyeong Station, exit out of exit 2 and walk straight until you reach the underpass. Enter the underpass and exit on the left side stairs to the other side. Walk straight, and cross the street towards Noxa (towards Namsan Tower). Keep walking and Lilikoi will be just a few stores down from Noxa.

War Memorial of Korea

Searching for something free to do in Seoul? I think one can’t miss activity is visiting the War Memorial of Korea. Even as someone who isn’t interested in war, I had a great time exploring the huge memorial. The grounds of the War Memorial of Korea were once the headquarters of the Korean Infantry. It’s filled with history.

War Memorial of Korea Lobby

War Memorial of Korea Publications About Korea

War Memorial of Korea Statues

War Memorial of Korea Swords

The grounds are huge, so I’m going to split this post into two parts. There is a large museum inside of the memorial filled with memorabilia from the Korean war and other wars like the Vietnam war and World War 2. I’ll focus on that here.

To go inside of the memorial is free, and at different times of the day you can even get a personal guide to take you through the museum. Student volunteers try to be available on the weekends and evenings to translate and explain the different items you can see.

War Memorial of Korea Quote on Wall

War Memorial of Korea Officers Felt Hats

War Memorial of Korea Peace Room

War Memorial of Korea Press Badges

There are tons of items to see from war time in Korea – from weapons to documents, you can find it here. It’s really interesting because the change that South Korea has went through since the war is huge. It’s really impressive how much they have modernized.

War Memorial of Korea Officers Emblems

War Memorial of Korea Medicine and Medical Supplies

War Memorial of Korea Korean Drum

War Memorial of Korea Courtier Ceremonial Hats

I always love seeing the dress and style from Korean history. The exhibits for the armor and officials clothing was my favorite part! They were so colorful and different.

Peace was a main theme throughout the memorial, thanking allies for help during the war and stressing that war caused so many casualties and is something to be avoided.

War Memorial of Korea Choseon Dynasty Belt

War Memorial of Korea UN Message of Peace

War Memorial of Korea Circular Dragon Shields

War Memorial of Korea Weaponry

There were tons of weapons to see, dating back centuries! There was even a small area where you could watch a short film showing pictures of famous areas in South Korea years ago and how they currently look today. There were items from the prehistoric era to the Japanese colonial period, so you get a good look at how Korea progressed and changed throughout history.

War Memorial of Korea Canons

War Memorial of Korea Decorations

War Memorial of Korea Sword Decoration

War Memorial of Korea Wooden Ship

There were a few ships located in the hallways for you to look into. Overall though, there were just so many artifacts to see. I love looking at old things and I really enjoyed seeing the more traditional style things from Korea, because you rarely see it in modern day life here. It’s a shame, because it’s a beautiful tradition!

How to get there: It’s really easy to get to from the subway. Take Line 6 (brown line) to Samgakji station and exit out of exit 1. Follow signs to the memorial. If you decided to take the bus, you can take the 110A, 110B, 740, or 421 bus and get off at the War Memorial of Korea stop.

Q: Do you like visiting museums?

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