Trick Eye Museum Hongdae

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fans of museums. I’m just not a fan of browsing for hours and reading information plaques. Every once in awhile, you stumble upon a museum that actually makes you want to visit! The Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae is a different kind of museum experience with artwork that gives a 3D effect. It’s a selfie lover’s dream!

Trick Eye Museum Sign
Trick Eye Museum Upside Down Room

Trick Eye Museum Bike with Wings

The Trick Eye Museum is really easy to get to as it’s quite close to exit 9 of Hongik University Station. The ticket price is a little steep at 15,000 but they frequently have special ticket prices for foreigners. They have steep discount tickets on Korean shopping websites like TMON occasionally, too.

I actually printed out a discount ticket but ended up forgetting to bring it with me. I just mentioned the discount and the employee still gave it to me so I think they are very easy-going. They recently opened an Ice Museum inside of the Trick Eye Museum so you can get a combo ticket for one price too.

Trick Eye Museum Dragon
Trick Eye Museum Huge Fish Mouth

Trick Eye Museum Standing on a Log

Make no mistake, everyone comes here for the pictures. All of the artwork is set up so you can take an interesting picture. Some of them can get really fun and look more realistic than you would think!

Even if you want to take a picture with everyone in your group, have no fear because employees are lurking around just to help you with this problem. :) Most of the staff can speak enough English and I even heard some of them speaking Japanese and Chinese. They must get a lot of tourists!

Trick Eye Museum Huge Sushi
Trick Eye Museum Levitating

I had a lot of fun posing with all of the art. I went during the weekend so it was really crowded! I spent a lot of time waiting for a turn to pose with certain pictures. Other than that, it was a fun thing to do with my hubby and we laughed a lot at how crazy we looked!

Q: Would you visit a 3D art museum like the Trick Eye Museum?

To get to the Trick Eye Museum, go to Hongik University Station and go straight out of Exit 9. Turn left on the first intersection corner (there is a TGIF) then turn right down the small street with a Holika Holika store. The Trick Eye Museum will be on your right!

Yeouido Han River Park

One of the best things about living in Seoul is having access to the Han River parks located along along twelve districts in Seoul. It’s really easy to get there no matter where you live. There is an amazing bike trail and great scenery. There are many parks along the Han River but a few of them are very popular and get a lot of traffic. One of the most popular areas is Yeouido Han River Park.

Yeouinaru Han River Park Public Walkway
Yeouinaru Han River Park Boat on the River
Yeouinaru Han River Park Heart Statues

The views here at Yeouido Han River Park are amazing; it’s no wonder it’s a favorite! There are many TV studios in this area, so you might recognize it if you watch Korean dramas. When I visited, there were even a few couples getting professional photo-shoots taken. There are a lot of shaded benches to relax on and there is even a little skate park. A ferry departs from this park as well if you want to take a boat ride along the Han.

Yeouinaru Han River Park Skateboarding
Yeouinaru Han River Park Shaded Benches
Yeouinaru Han River Park River View

I took my bike here for a ride, but if you don’t have a bike like me you can always rent one very cheaply with just your ID. It’s totally worth it to take a bike ride. I love feeling the clean air while riding. The bike paths vary a lot depending on the area you are in, so it’s always interesting. There are even convenience stores along the path, so if you need to hydrate you can buy anything easily.

Yeouinaru Han River Park Looking at the River
Yeouinaru Han River Park Bridge of Life
Yeouinaru Han River Park Bridge of Life Heart

If you get tired of relaxing in Yeouido Han River park, you can always walk a few steps over to The Bridge of Life, a bridge created by Samsung to prevent suicide. Although the results have been mixed as to the result of their effort, it’s interesting to see the LED side rails light up as you walk along with comforting messages. Still a nice idea, even if it didn’t work.

Yeouinaru Han River Park Bridge View
Yeouinaru Han River Park Flying Kite

There is a lot to do here. I have picnics, chill with my feet in the water fountain, ride my bike, fly kites, and even do some walking. It’s a great place to hang out with friends.  The beautiful river view never disappoints. :)

Q: Do you like to visit parks? What do you look for in a park?

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