Sponsored: Tote Bag with Crocodile Veins from Sammydress

I’m sure quite a few bloggers have heard of Sammydress, right? I’ve seen a lot of bloggers getting pretty decent items from their website, but I was still unsure because it is online shopping after all… you really never know what you are going to get. When they contacted me about reviewing one of their items, I was excited!

Sammydress: Tote Bag with Crocodile Veins Outfit View
Sammydress: Tote Bag with Crocodile Veins Detailing
I’m definitely a try before you buy kind of girl. Unfortunately, most of the clothing on Sammydress is a little too small for me because they use Asian sizes. Free size usually equates to a medium back in the US. I have the same problems here in Korea, though I do get lucky every once in awhile.  Sometimes the baggy style is trendy and you can find dresses that can fit up to a US size XL! I decided to play it safe though and got a super cute black tote bag with crocodile vein detailing.

Sammydress: Tote Bag with Crocodile Veins Close Up View
Sammydress: Tote Bag with Crocodile Veins Convenience Store
The bag sells for around $12, which I think is average compared to other places selling bags that aren’t name brand. I wasn’t totally in love with the bag when it first arrived, but after I wore it a few times I loved it! Initially, the bag actually had a very strong smell that I didn’t find pleasant… after leaving it out on my balcony for a few days it wasn’t a problem anymore. I think because it is packaged tightly in bubble wrap and it is newly manufactured so the smell is strong when you first open it.

The bag itself is very roomy and and it doesn’t look cheap at all. I took it out while shopping and the optional shoulder strap was really convenient and easy for me. I like to wear my bags this way personally so I can be hands free!

Q: What do you think? Would you use this bag?

Happy Anniversary to Me!

I guess I’m officially an old lady now. This month I passed a huge milestone… five years of marriage. I can’t believe so many years have passed by since we got married! It’s almost scary how fast time flies. I feel like I’m going to blink and I’ll be standing with a couple of kids celebrating my fifteenth anniversary!

For our fifth year anniversary, we wanted to do something special. I’ve been wanting to get professional pictures done for years but it’s pretty expensive so I’ve always put off getting them done because of the price. Since moving to Korea, I got more interested in getting our pictures taken because couple pictures are extremely popular here and very affordable! As luck would have it, I found a coupon on TMON (kind of like South Korea’s Groupon) for a package at a studio for only 48,000₩. I made my coteacher buy it for me and we were set!

inayah collection rose evening gown 3

I was so shocked to see the price so low. It was really simple. The package included one dress and tuxedo rental, and we chose ten pictures to keep. Our best photo was printed out as an 8×10 and framed. Korean sizes don’t really fit me, so I brought my own dress. Speaking of that dress! Oh, that dress.

My beautiful dress is from Inayah Collection. I’ve had a huge crush on Inayah Collection for quite some time now but I’ve held off purchasing since it is a UK company and shipping is expensive. When I knew I was getting my pictures taken, I decided to take the plunge and purchased their Rose Evening Gown.

inayah collection rose evening gown 1

I had looked around for awhile to see my options and I have to say… I’m so disappointed with the selection of modest formalwear. There is practically nothing! I can’t be happier with my purchase from Inayah though. I fell in love with it immediately.

The dress is gorgeous and fit me perfectly. It was very flattering on a more *ahem* rounder figure. The material is very soft and I got so many compliments that day. Money well spent!

inayah collection rose evening gown 2

What do you think of our photo memory? We were laughing through the entire process because our photographer didn’t speak English and we couldn’t help but laugh when we had to stare into each others eyes and stuff. So many laughs!

Q: What is your favorite photo?

Six Dresses for a Fabulous Eid!

It’s hard to believe that Eid is right around the corner. After almost a month of fasting, I feel blessed to have made it this far. I think we all get caught up in life and start to lose sight of what is important at times. Ramadan is a great time for us to reflect, establish better character and reconnect with our creator. There are only benefits!

For my non-Muslim friends out there, Ramadan is a month where Muslims abstain from food, drink, sexual relations and bad behavior in an effort to become closer to God and refocus our priorities. We spend the month increasing our worship and charitable actions. Eid signifies the end of our fast – one of the biggest celebrations of the year. We are grateful to live to see another year where we have the chance to increase our worship. :)

Must-Have Dresses for Eid 2013

Top L-R: Jardin des Rêves Organza Lace Baju Kurung – Lilac | Glitzy Lady

Bottom L-R: Mint Green Pleated Dress | Studded Shoulder Baju Kurung – Mustard | Royal Navy

I think one of the most exciting things about Eid is picking out what to wear. There aren’t a lot of events where we can really dress up, but Eid is the perfect time to bust out your favorite outfit to celebrate!  It is sunnah (tradition of the Prophet Mohammed ﷺ) to dress in clean and nice clothes, so we should treat ourselves and take advantage of this easy task. Plus, it’s really nice seeing everyone coming together dressed to the nines. The atmosphere is so happy and bright. ;)

There are so many stylish brands geared towards Muslim women now that the choices and styles are limitless. I follow so many designers on Facebook and I’m constantly amazed at the beautiful designs that they come up with. It was really hard, but I narrowed my top choices for this Eid 2013 to just six dresses. It was sooo hard you guys!

While it’s nice to dress up and celebrate, we shouldn’t forget our spiritual goals until our next Ramadan. I hope we all benefit this upcoming year!

Q: What do you think of my dress choices for this upcoming Eid?

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