• Anisa

    Beautiful! Masha’Allah!

    • http://mrsgaeul.com/ Autumn

      Thank you!

  • Nurayn

    Masha Allah… you two look so happy together, and the dress is lovely! Great idea to do a photo shoot, i’m sure it’s something you won’t forget. Wishing you many more loving years of marriage together :)

    • http://mrsgaeul.com/ Autumn

      Thank you! We laughed a lot during this shoot. I’m really happy with the results. Thank you for the well wishes!

  • http://www.smallnhot.com/ Smallnhot Sarah

    Both of you look so sweet ! Happy Anniversary to you guys ! :D

    • http://mrsgaeul.com/ Autumn

      Thank you!!

  • Meriem

    you are so butiful, all pictures are perfect, i wish to your couple the best. I want to ask you what size you ordered, because i want to order the same evening gown, and don’t know which size i take 12 or 14, thanks for your answer

    • http://mrsgaeul.com/ Autumn

      Thank you dear! I ordered the size 14 and I think it’s true to size when you look at the measurements on the website. I measured myself and it matched nicely. So I would say take your measurements and consult the chart. :) Good luck! It’s a beautiful dress.

  • http://sweetjellybean.com/ Donah @ SweetJellyBean

    Congratulations to the both of you! You look great together and I love these photos. I can’t believe how cheap the package is! Wow. x

  • Nida

    M’A soo cute! I love the dress. Can I know whether the fabric of the dress was stretchy or not? It looks stretchy because the sleeves look like they fit perfectly without struggling to get a hand through the narrowness. Please advise!

    • http://mrsgaeul.com Autumn Aly

      Thank you dear! The dress has little stretch. The sleeves fit my arm perfectly but the fabric is not really stretchy at all. I would recommend following the measurements on the website because they are true and you can be sure to get the right size for you.

      On that note, I did get this altered a little bit for length (I’m too short) and since there is a lot of fabric in the bust you can possible tighten that up and use the fabric to extend the width of the dress a little bit. :)

  • diana

    Salam beauty, u looks superb in this dress..I adore this dress a lot…im from malaysia, so its impossible for me to buy it..anyway, Im now more confident to wear something like this..because im only 154cm and kinda chubby..but seeing u wear this me makes me so happy! Love to follow ur instagram if u have one..tq my ig Erney Diana…

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